A little something on superpowers and how Frane Selak couldn't stop using his, to escape life-threatening situations unscathed.

January 2023

Bad habits are easily formed whereas good habits can take ages. With the mind being capable of so many beautiful things, why is it averse to good…
The year kicked off with new layoff announcements on top of the ones already due. Pichai's Google, Zuckerberg's Meta, Bezos' Amazon may have started a…
Listening to the voice inside you creates your identity. Bana Alabed, a 14-year-old Syrian citizen used her voice to escape a war-ravaged country…
We've all been taken advantage of. In the process of doing whatever it takes to make your dreams come true, other's intentions matter as much as yours.
The pandemic opened the floodgates to working vacations and it's unlikely we're ever going back.
A meeting with Art Linkletter, a trip to Paris and lord knows what else. Helen created her own external stimuli to pan her future out.
Small potions of jealousy can actually be a good thing. Here's a story to prove the theory.
Funding fintech startups is on the rise but will companies like Zerodha and Papara lock out investors?
Three states, two wheels, one goal and innumerable memories.
The story of a routinely frustrated friend, King Solomon's wisdom and the learnings of Igor Grossman's experiment.
The exponential growth of AI investments, ChatGPT's popularity, OpenAI's ridiculous valuation and Hawking's warnings.