Develop Yourself

Powerful stories that will make you want to change for the better.

A little something on phases in our lives, a relationship that will do you a world of good and a matchmaking platform.
It starts with you and it ends with you. That's the freedom you enjoy and the burden that you carry. How you think of it is what will define your…
Bad habits are easily formed whereas good habits can take ages. With the mind being capable of so many beautiful things, why is it averse to good…
We've all been taken advantage of. In the process of doing whatever it takes to make your dreams come true, other's intentions matter as much as yours.
Small potions of jealousy can actually be a good thing. Here's a story to prove the theory.
Three states, two wheels, one goal and innumerable memories.
A phrase and a graph that you probably would be upset with, and the problems of not living in the moment.
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